Boassa, Daniela

Dr. Boassa is Director of Core efforts in Probe Development and Refinement at the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research (NCMIR) at the University of California San Diego. She has expertise in neuroscience, cell and molecular biology and sophisticated microscopy and analysis. She leads activities related to the development, characterization, enhancement and application of new molecular-genetic probes and chemical-labeling approaches for state-of-the-art correlated light and electron microscopy (CLEM). Her research interests focus on understanding normal and abnormal cell biological processes underlying neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Boassa uniquely possesses knowledge and hands-on experience on a variety of disciplines ranging from light microscopy, and EM, image analysis and 3D reconstructions, to molecular biology, biochemistry and electrophysiology, which she applies to her research projects implementing both in vivo and in vitro tools in a multidisciplinary approach.