Orr, Galya

Galya is a biomedical scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where she has been leading efforts in developing single molecule and super resolution fluorescence imaging techniques and their applications to better understand molecular processes in intact cells and organisms. Galya received her PhD in electrophysiology of learning and memory from the Division of Neural Systems Memory and Aging at the University of Arizona, and BA in molecular cell biology from Israel Institute of Technology. Her research has been focused on molecular-level understanding of information transfer across the cell membrane, initiated by physiological cues or environmental challenges. Funded by NSF, EPA and NIEHS she has been leading projects aiming to understand cellular interactions of nanomaterials to guide the development of safer nanotechnology. Funded by NIDDK, Galya and her team has been applying combinatorial fluorescence barcoding approaches to study the role of beta cells in type I diabetes at the molecular level.