Bushong, Eric

Dr. Eric Bushong is Director of Specimen Development. In this role, he is responsible for the development of new specimen preparative methods to propel resource capabilities for correlated multi scale, multimodal imaging.

He is a talented and very accomplished microscopist and neuroscientist, whose early contributions were instrumental in redefining our understanding of astrocyte morphology and their role in the nervous system. As an active senior scientist at NCMIR, he oversees a portfolio of technically challenging DBP’s involving the application of correlated light, x-ray and electron microscopic techniques.

Dr. Bushong is also responsible for managing NCMIR’s portfolio of DBP and Collaborative and Service projects, serving as a point of contact to project PIs and providing unique specimen development and animal handling expertise – helping external investigators to develop protocols and apply NCMIR multi-scale imaging technologies and expertise to each project.

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