Ropelewski, Alexander

Ropelewski cultivated his 30+ year professional career at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center where he directs the Biomedical Applications Group, a group focused on enhancing the use of High-Performance Computing, Networking, and Data Science within the Biomedical Research Community. A computer scientist graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Ropelewski’s HPC work includes the creation of parallel codes on a wide-range of computing architectures and major contributions to architectural frameworks for data-intensive projects. Ropelewski is currently PI and Operations Director for the Brain Image Library (BIL), an NIH funded national public resource enabling researchers to deposit, analyze, mine, share and interact with large brain image datasets. Other data intensive projects Ropelewski currently contributes to include the AUROA-US Breast Cancer Data Coordinating Center and the Infrastructure and Engagement component of the National Institutes of Health HuBMAP project. In addition to those data intensive projects, Ropelewski co-directs the training and dissemination components of the National Center for Multiscale Modeling of Biological Systems.  In the recent past, he led the PSC’s NIH funded MARC program, a multi-institutional collaborative bioinformatics training effort involving scientists and educators at several Minority Serving Institutions.

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